Zbong Lee 25/05/2016

PLUS 3 by Jee Lee (Zbong)

We must build a kind of United States together. An European Union of Asia among artists, and active thinkers. This way and this way only, will hundreds and millions of us being able to regain the simple joys and hopes which will make life worth living, creating an art.

The process is simple,
to do right instead of wrong.
Much works has been done.

Goldsmithsgallery is proud to announce Jee Yae Lee (Zbong’s) newest work ‘PLUS 3’. The private view will launch a membership and invitation to the Asian Union, open to everyone that feels like they should be involved.


Become a member of PLUS 3 now through: https://www.facebook.com/PLUS-3-1012766662138750/?fref=ts

DOWNLOAD: Exhibition Handout [PDF]

Jee Yae Lee (Zbong) (Hangul: 이지예) (b. 1989, South Korea) lives and works in London. Jee received her Bachelor of Contemporary Art Degree in 2013 from the Konkuk University in Seoul and is currently studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths College. In her early 20s, when moving a number of times over a short period across a global distance, she experienced internationalism; a phenomenon that rapidly influences social ecosystems and the human mind. With the concern of a fragmented unity, and her commitment to a network of transnationals, her works continually mount challenges by decentralizing and personalizing of what unites. A vanishing memory to a remixed memorial.

Recent exhibitions and seminars include; Die Yuppie Hipster Scum, No.w.here, London, Hipster and Otaku, CICA Museum, Kimpo, …And To Dust All Return, UNNAWAY, Huddersfield (2016), Capital Suitcase, Venice, Interim Show, Goldsmiths University, London (2015). Shortlisted for; Red Mansion, Beijing (2016), Hardwick Gallery, Gloucester (2016).