Rieneke en Frederique Pisuisse 10 Aug at PANDO


EnclaveLab | Rieneke & Frederique Pisuisse

Rieneke and Frederique Pisuisse
Wednesday August 10 6pm

For this exhibition GOLDSMITHSGALLERY has invited mother and daughter Pisuisse to form a collaborative duo. Departing from the female body, one body gave birth to the other, the duo worked together on a site specific installation in the wine cellar of a summer residency in France.

Growing up during the ‘Second Wave’ of feminism, Rieneke Pisuisse connects with artists like Barbara Hepworth and Eva Hesse; dealing with the female body, ideas of domesticity, and personal experience, without necessarily explicitly identifying with feminism as such. During later years, she focusses more on postmodern theory within her sculptures.

For the exhibition at GOLDSMITHSGALLERY, Rieneke has taken her visual cues from the examination of the body in a mere intellectually withdrawn manner. Her statues, naked, and carved out of different kinds of stone, convey an immediate message to the viewer; unequivocally connecting the work to the personal space of the artist. Lucy Lippard said, “When women use their own bodies in their artwork, they are using themselves; a significant psychological factor converts these bodies or faces from object to subject.”

Frederique Pisuisse, expands the definition of her mother’s feminism as she is fundamentally Rieneke’s proxy in the physical and behavioural sense – representing her mother in the world. Departing from the sculptures of her mother, she edits and reproduces the work, filling it up-to-date according to contemporary art standards.

GOLDSMITHSGALLERY, was founded by Frederique Pisuisse in 2015. It is the artist’s response to the current controversial planning of a gallery on the campus of Goldsmiths, by the head of the Fine Art department.

Supported by Goldsmiths University of London & Enclave