During the private view of the MFA degree show 2016, on July 14th 7pm, GOLDSMITHSGALLERY will auction the works of all artists that exhibited at the gallery in the last year. An excellent selection of contemporary pieces will go under the hammer.

Goldsmiths College
Laurie Grove Baths
Atrium space
July 14, 7pm

The following works will be auctioned:

Andrea Williamson
Andrea Williamson SOLD small
Stinging nettle from She Thrives in Poor Soils 2015
Watercolour painting, handmade frame, 15x15cm
Bidding starts at: £80

Anne de Boer
I am breathing 2016
HD metal print, 50x50cm
Bidding starts at: £450

Helen Knowles
helen knowles
Trickle Down : The Important Russian Art Auction 2015
Inkjet print on 300 gms Hahnemuhle paper, 80x50cm
Bidding starts at: £350

Joe Ridgeon
SOLD sold big
An anus from Inroad 2016
Fimo and oil paint, 20x20cm
Bidding starts at: £65
Note: This is an example of the anus in situ, a buyer can pick any anus from the tree.

Jonathan Clark
jon Clarkbig
Last Time Live 2015
Acrylic paint, wooden panel, 50x60cm
Bidding starts at: £260

Josefine Reisch
Josefine Reisch
Corsage 2016
Oil on cardboard, 42x59cm
Bidding starts at £530
Note: Small hole from previous installation

Laura Yuile
laura yuile sold big
Rustic Solid Exotic Style #1 2016
Stainless steel ashtray, blue poppy seeds, black peppercorns, dried chilli peppers, nigella seeds, fennel seeds, polyvinyl acetate, star anise, mustard seeds, dried yellow split peas, 90x20cm
Bidding starts at: £65

Madeleine Stack
Framed photographic print with engraved glass, 40x25cm
Bidding starts at: £80
Note: The image is a placeholder for the work in progress

Marcel Darienzo
marcel darienzo
Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas, 150x120cm
Bidding starts at: £650

Nora Hansen
_nora Hansensmall
Untitled (Yoko and me on my birthday No. 28) 2016
Inktjet print, styrofoam, wooden frame, 84x62cm
Bidding starts at: £450

Ruth Waters
ruth waters copy
I love what I have, and I want more 2016
Embroiled yoga mat
183cm x 61cm
Bidding starts at: £65

Shane McCarthy
Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 16.29.59
FAFBW: epicycle
edition 2/3
Dimensions variable
Bidding starts at: £460

Tom Kobialka
Tom kobialka copy
Untitled 2016
Uv print on tinfoil, 20x40cm
Bidding starts at: £5

Zbong Lee
zbong lee
Korea Post 2015
MDF, screenprint, 40x30x30cm
Bidding starts at: £250