GOLDSMITHSGALLERY gives new use to a derelict Victorian-era swimming pool locker. The locker, which once provided shelter to the nude Laurie Grove Baths visitors, now hosts an international programme of exhibitions, residencies and projects on and offline. It is at the heart of the creative Goldsmiths community and devoted to cutting edge analysis and innovation in visual art.

This Gallery acts as a laboratory for the visual arts. Hosting resident artists in a university is a unique model for a gallery. The academic environment stimulates inventive and original pieces, whilst simultaneously contributing to new research.

The gallery opens to the public every three weeks. We throw open the gates of the campus to the local community and the world in a new and exciting way, with an aim to enlighten, and inspire.

Goldsmiths has played an important part in sustaining the dynamism of the London art world, as our successful alumni illustrate (seven Turner Prize winners and 24 nominees). The Gallery solidifies this position by bringing the art world onto the campus.